Alaska, Canada, and the US Pacific Coast

My trip originally started in Pennsylvania as I headed north west towards Alaska. The pictures below, however, are ordered in their distance from the Arctic Ocean. Please drag your mouse over the larger photos!!


Swimming in the Arctic Ocean! This isn’t the best shot, but you get the point. It was cold. Access to the Arctic Ocean on Alaska’s northern coast is thanks to a 400 mile supply road for the massive oil drilling operation at Prudhoe Bay. At peak output these pipes have supplied the US with 20% of its crude oil. Snow on the Atigun Pass in the Brooks Mountain Range.

Galbraith–My campground for a night in Polar bear country, just north of the Brooks Range.

On the south slope of the Brooks Range, descending through Atigun Pass.

The Dalton Highway, weaving its way through the Alaskan interior.

The view for several hundred miles

Vast open areas on the Dalton Highway

The Dalton Highway begins here–400 miles of mostly dirt/gravel road from Fairbanks to the Arctic Ocean. The Dalton Highway follows the Trans-Alaskan Oil Pipeline. Made it to the Arctic Circle! The other guy is a mech E from Ireland who is taking a year off to drive from Alaska to Chile… on a 90cc “scooter”.  Article


I spent the whole day driving around these peaks

The Denali Highway

Surrounded by mountains and even a glacier on the Denali Highway


A view from the famous  ”Top of the World Highway” which is the northern most highway in Canada

Dawson–A funky little town on the “Top of the World Highway”

Kluane lake, Yukon

Teslin, Yukon


$7 per gallon! Wood bison? Yeah, right! Oh…

Hundreds of miles of seemingly untouched wilderness

Muncho Lake, British Colombia. If you look close you’ll see an animal watching me


The remains of an old forest fire in the foreground with a new one blazing in the background


Wheat fields in Alberta


On the other side of these mountains everything is green and wet


A standard shot of the California coast


Redwood country


After thousands of miles with little maintenance

the bike needed some serious work.

Almost all back together Gone riding…


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