NASA Zero-Gravity Project

NASA Zero Gravity Project

Fly testing chamber

Fly testing chamber

I worked with a research team to find out how house flies behave without gravity. (2011)  Check out more here

High Altitude Launching System

Balloon Launching System

Balloon Launching System

I worked with a team at Lehigh to build a high altitude balloon launching system for small UAVs. (2010) Read more about the project here.


Mounted to robot

This is a simple motor controller I designed for a robot project. (2011)

Remote control land sailer front view

Remote control land sailer side view

This is a small remote control land sailer that I built in a week over the summer of 2010. Earlier that summer, I developed a Matlab velocity prediction program for use on the full scale Lehigh land sailer. For fun, I used the program to ~optimize this scale model for high speeds. The model was incredibly stable ¬†even in winds over 30mph–and fast!

Trainer land sailer


This is a small trainer land sailer that I built to help our team get a feel for controlling a wind powered vehicle. Steering is operated by feet and the sail is operated by hand. (2009)