Deploying Solo--the autonomous sewer inspection robot

RedZone Robotics

During the summer of 2011 I worked as an intern mechanical engineer at RedZone Robotics. During my time there, I helped with the development of two of the company’s robot models–Solo and Responder. These robots inspect the world’s network of deteriorating sewer pipes, logging data that helps workers determine which pipes need their attention the most. More information is available at the RedZone Robotics website.

An example of a part I designed-- a pneumatically actuated brake

Loose leaf book assembler--One of the machines I helped design and debug

Production Robotics

——For the past five summers I’ve had the privilege of working at Production Robotics, an industrial automation company in San Leandro, California. Two of those summers were spent as an intern machinist, and three as a Jr. mechanical engineer.

——During my time there as an engineer I designed subassemblies, fabricated working prototypes, and debugged mechanical and electrical issues to aid in the development of automated machinery. While working there over the summer of 2009, I managed the development of a automated book dying machine, improving the machine’s speed and reliability through debugging and partial redesign. More information can be found at the Production Robotics website.

Prototype drive roller assembly

Drive roller assembly that I prototyped (left)

Book wrapper prototype